Form follows function


Ski Slipper has been designed as the safest and most effective method of transporting your skis to the slopes.


Shoulder injury from carrying skis

It takes a long time and a lot of skiing to perfect the art of carrying skis on your shoulder – time that a lot of skiers just don’t have. Many people find carrying skis on their shoulders awkward and are concerned about causing injury to others as they walk and turn in confined spaces. Some also experience pain as the skis cause inflammation of the muscles and tissues. Children in particular find carrying skis very difficult, often relying on adults to help, which exacerbates the problem as the adults struggle along with two or even three pairs of skis.

Existing products for transporting skis consist mainly of either a strap or sling that allows the skis to be carried across the back, which does nothing to relieve the weight or bulk of the skis, and children still find these very difficult to use. Other products are based on roller devices that attach to the ends of the skis. These can easily clog, jam or break and are also bulky and difficult to stow safely once at the slopes.

Ski Slipper

Ski Slipper has been designed to overcome all of these issues and can be used by novices and experienced skiers, adults and children alike. It is manufactured using two different types of hard wearing highly durable plastics. The top is a softer TPE with a hardness ISO 868 Shore A providing the desired flexibility to wrap around the skis. This is bonded to a base of harder PP with a maximum hardness ISO 868 Shore D providing Ski Slipper with the durability to traverse any surface, whether snow, grass, gravel, tarmac or paved.

Ski Slipper design attributes