A new trade opportunity


Ski Slipper - an exciting new retail product.


Ski Slipper

Ski Slipper has received great reviews from all the skiers who have seen and used it. The product is eye-catchingly packaged to stand out when on display in-store. Ski Slipper is proving an irresistible impulse purchase, made by skiers at the same time as buying other equipment or clothing.

We are currently creating a worldwide network of distributors and are seeking companies and individuals with established connections in ski sports retail sales and wholesale. To explore the possibilities of becoming an agent, please contact our Worldwide Distribution Manager chris.lowe@ski-slipper.com, or complete the form on the Contact Us page and we will call you back to discuss further.


Market research

During the early design of Ski Slipper we conducted four focus groups each comprising of eight skiers of mixed abilities and experience. We also undertook on-line research with another 100 skiers from across the UK the US and Australia. Feedback was:

  • The vast majority of skiers recognised the problem of carrying skis, particularly for families, and if there was something on the market that addressed the problem they would be interested in buying it..
  • Existing products on the market were not deemed suitable, being too complicated, prone to break, bulky or difficult to carry when on the slopes (for example wheeled products) or did not alleviate the problem of the weight of the skis on the shoulder or back (such as strap or sling products).
  • Any product had to be durable and work well both on snow and off snow, such as tarmac, gravel or paved surfaces.
  • A new product coming into this space had to be easy to use, easy to put on and easy to carry when on the slopes, preferably slipping into a jacket pocket.
  • If placed in the jacket or about the person the product had to be safe to fall on.
  • The packaging had to show concisely how to use product, everything had to be simple to use first time with no fuss.

Ski Slipper has been designed from the outset with feedback from skiers. It is quick and easy to use by all skiers of any experience or age. It comes with clear concise instructions in an attractive eye-catching package. Ski Slipper is durable enough to use on any surface yet slips safely into a jacket pocket when not in use.

Market size

Target audience

Scale of opportunity

We estimate that the the target market for Ski Slipper represents some 5% of the total skiing population. The Northern hemisphere alone has a market size of 43.4 million skiers, and so a market opportunity of 2.17 people. It is anticipated that a Ski Slipper will last for three skiing seasons and so in the Northern hemisphere we estimate a rate of sale of some 700,000 units per annum, rising to 1 million units per annum as Ski Slipper becomes more established.

Sales channels

It is planned to sell Ski Slipper through specialist ski retailers and/or direct from the internet.


Ski Slipper will sell itself at point of purchase. It will be the simple yet great idea that skiers find in ski shops, either on the high street, at the slopes or on-line. Through it's distinctive packaging it will jump out and say "take a look at me, aren't I a great idea?"


Research tells us that the target market will pay around £25 / €30 / $40 USD for Ski Slipper.

Distribution opportunities

We are actively seeking partnership arrangements with companies or individuals who, through their already established connections in the retail ski sector, can quickly establish Ski Slipper as the brand and product for skiers who want an alternative to the normal over the shoulder method of carrying their own or their children’s skis.

We invite discussions with interested parties who are established in the sector and who are able to demonstrate how they will maximise the potential of Ski Slipper within their geographic area of operations.