Simple and quick to use


Ski Slipper is attached in seconds and stows safely in its own pocket sized pouch when not in use.


Ski Slipper Instructions

1. Remove from pouch

Ski Slipper comes in two parts, the slipper and the shoulder strap.

Remove both items from the Ski Slipper pouch.

Place the pouch in your jacket pocket.



Ski Slipper Instructions
2. Place Ski Slipper on skis

Hold skis together and slide the slipper over the ends of the skis.

Ski Slipper

Hook the elastic loop over bottom ski binding.

Tighten the slipper strap as needed for a snug fit on the skis.



Ski Slipper Instructions
3. Attach shoulder strap

Attach one end of the shoulder strap around the top of the skis and secure it.

Attach other end around the skis below the bindings and secure it.

Adjust the shoulder strap to suit height and angle of skis.