Why struggle along when you can slide along?


Ski Slipper
Ski Slipper

Ski Slipper attaches to your skis in seconds and enables you to reach the slopes without any of the stresses and strains normally associated with carrying your skis.

After attaching Ski Slipper, your skis slide effortlessly along behind you. Ski Slipper works on all surfaces – snow, grass, gravel, tarmac or paved.

Ski Slipper is ideal for both adults and children. For families, it removes the frequent burden on parents of having to carry their children’s skis as well as their own – children just love using their own Ski Slipper.

Ski Slipper is durable, light and easy to fit. The flexible design stows into its own pocket-sized pouch which can be safely slipped into a jacket once on the slopes.

Designed for use in the most arduous conditions, Ski Slipper has no moving parts to jam or break and will keep working reliably down to -25C and beyond.